Al Mouftinoun - A Reply to 'Fitna'

. 4/5/08

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The announced movie 'Fitna' of Wilders and the Danish cartoons are part of an agenda to provoke Muslims in Europe and around the world under the flag of freedom of expression. There can be no doubt about their intentions. Defending their statements with the right of expression is deceptive. There should be a debate on the content. The right-wing movement should not be underestimated. They represent a large part of European society. They are advocating for the eradication of equality as a constitutional law. And more often advocating for constriction of the rights of ethnic minorities. The right-wing movement in the Netherlands and in Europe in general is not compatible with its own" Western " values.

I am telling all of those peoples who loves the peace and want to estliblished it in this existing world please we should not try to make this world a place where every one fight to each others. freedom of speech means in not to abuse the sentiments of others on the basis of religon, caste, nation, or ethinicity. I don't want to see the such pitty film. Please respect the others sentiments. If you give respect then you can find respect . If anyone abuse someone on the basis of freedom of expression then he should also prepare for the response, then he mustn't cry about his condition that may be so worst which he can't imagine.

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salmanspeaks said...

Al Mouftinoun represents a very genuine effort to counter the assault launched by the western media. No stone is being left unturned to show Islam in a poor light. The latest addition to this overt anti Islam brigade are the politicians of the mainland Europe, who are justifying their acts in the name of "Freedom of Expression".This represents sheer double standard on the part of western world, which has a complete disregard for ideas that are not in consistent with their own so called "Modern" and "Liberal" values. I will request every enlightened human being to watch, disseminate and deliberate upon Al Mouftinoun as well. "Freedom of Expression" should be applied universally.

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