Cities of Light - The Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain (A Documentry Film)

. 4/28/08

Over a thousand years ago, the sun-washed lands of Southern Spain were home to Muslims, Christians, and Jews living together and flourishing. Their culture and beliefs intertwined. Here, the knowledge of the ancients was gathered and reborn. But this world too quickly vanished. Greed, fear and intolerance swept it away.

Cities of Light: The Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain, a documentary that takes viewers on an epic journey back into one of the most fascinating and important periods of world history.

The two-hour television event highlights the triumphs and achievements of diverse cultures that co-exist and thrive together. But it also depicts the tragedy that ensues when religious extremism begins to rise.

The story weaves together striking feature-film style re-enactments, vivid footage of great Islamic architecture, scenes of Spain’s beautiful landscapes, and analysis by world-class historians and scholars to tell a story of vital importance for our contemporary world. The history of Islamic Spain, as told in Cities of Light, demonstrates that when religious diversity is accommodated within a social and political system, problems and tensions may still exist, but society is able to successfully manage them, generally to the benefit of all. But when governing powers and religious movements reject complexity and insist on a single cultural and religiously centered point of view, then society is likely to grieve widespread loss for everyone.

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