Web Browser Now In Privacy Mode

. 8/26/08

Software giant Microsoft Corporation has decided to introduce a "privacy mode" for the next release in the proposed version of web browser ‘Internet Explorer (IE) 8.0’. Its first version ‘beta1’ has already launched and next version ‘beta2’ is expected to come in the market at end of the year. The company will add ‘privacy mode’ in the forthcoming version of IE8. It will enable users to leak the information through the history option. The information will no longer be available in files and cookies after the shut down of computer through the new version. The new version IE8 would also inform the users about their proxy in the internet world.

Privacy browsing is generally used to surf the pornographic websites on internet. The current move of Microsoft will increase such risks among youth. Apple has already launched such service for its web browser ‘Safari’. It enables users to clear the entire traceable contents from network. Firefox is also introducing such service in its latest version of in Firefox 3.0.

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