Jamia Nagar Residents Foiled A "Fake Encounter" Attempt

. 10/17/08

The residents of Jamia Nagar yesterday foiled a kidnapping/encounter attempt by some policemen in plainclothes in Shaheen Bagh near Kalindi Kunj Park area under the Jamia Nagar Police Station in Delhi.

It was around 8 in the night when a black Hyundai car with tinted glasses but with no number plates entered Shaheen Bagh. Five persons, maybe ATS sleuths in plainclothes, came out and tried to drag a youth named Amir into the car. He resisted and asked them why they were dragging him. They said they will tell him soon.

As the Jamia Nagar encounter and subsequent indiscriminate picking of locals were fresh in people’s mind, locals began gathering. The plainclothes people threatened them but as mob got thicker, some of them slipped away with their belongings. The locals, however, were able to catch one who later turned out to be an ASI of Noida Police. The public brought both the policeman and Amir to Jamia Nagar police station.

Local Ex. Municipal Counclellor Asif Mohammad Khan Speaking

Delhi Police - Jamia Nagar Police Station


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