Bangladesh mutiny - LRouche sees Hizb-ut-Tahrir hand

. 2/28/09

Acoording to the site LaRouchepac.com (source), the revolt in Bangladesh is handiwork of Britain based organisation Hizb-ut-Tahrir. The site is concluded on the basis of BDR oranged color bandanas. Here is the complete text:

"British intelligence is in the middle of the civil war-like situation that has developed in Bangladesh. The TNN news agency reported from Dhaka that some Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) rebels were seen wearing distinctive orange-colored bandanas, colors belonging to a U.K.-based Islamist organization, Hizb-ut-Tahrir. According to terrorism analysts, Tahrir has been focussed on Bangladesh for the past couple of years to turn the nation into an Islamist caliphate.

Meanwhile, more details have begun to come out about the massacre of the Bangladeshi Army officers. There were reports of a mass grave where at least 38 Army officers were buried. Latest reports indicates that 100 of the dead--some of whom were wives and children of the Army officers--have been identified.

According to New Delhi, persistent threats to Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina continue to make the mutiny situation potentially explosive. According to Maj. Gen. Muniruzzaman of the Bangladesh Institute for Peace and Security Studies, this operation must have been planned for months. "It was a huge intelligence failure, and has security implications of a grave nature for Bangladesh and India." He added that for India, this event increased the threat of movement of "transnational terrorists into India."

Indian officials, who are following the developments in Dhaka closely, said that notwithstanding the surrender by BDR rebels, the situation was "serious" because the real planners and causes remain unclear. Meanwhile, the U.S. Ambassador to Bangladesh has sent to the Bangladesh premier full support on behalf of Washington.

The immediate dangers for Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wajed are several: First, there will certainly be short-term instability in her fledgling government if a concerted effort is made to weed out the rebellious elements. Second, there is a total collapse in the command structure in BDR, since it became clear that at least 12 senior commanders (including the director-general, and his deputy) were killed and their bodies dumped in the sewer.

One positive note, is that the army, under Gen. Moeen Ahmed, has weighed in on the side of the Sheikh Hasina government."
Source: LaRourchepac

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