India Rejoices After Oscar Triumph

. 2/24/09

Slumdog Millionaire is a movie about a slum boy who is living in Mumbai India and his quest for his destiny and lost love.

The movie is now creating buzz around the world. Directed by Helmer Danny Boyle, a British, is now likely to hit the 170-million-pound mark in world-wide ticket sales, which is nearly 20 times the amount it cost to make, following the Oscar sweep, it has been predicted. While foreign and subtitled films often struggle to make any inroads in American film market, the critically acclaimed film about an 18-year-old slum boy from rags to riches is expected to break records at the box office after its first nationwide release.

Slumdog opened in the US last November in just ten cinemas, but the Oscar sweep has caught the public's imagination and it will now get full nationwide release in the world's most lucrative film market. US ticket sales are already close to 70m pounds and according to the industry sources, and the sales are likely to surge in the wake of the Oscars, reports the Scotsman.

Slumdog triumphed the Oscar with 8 awards, including the Best Picture. Danny Boyle walked away with Best Director award. Meanwhile, celebrations are on in the Mumbai slum, where children are rejoicing in their own style. They broke into Bollywood dance numbers as they cheered for two of the film's child actors.

Azharuddin Mohammad Ismail, ten, and Rubiana Ali, nine, had been flown to Los Angeles for the ceremony. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh congratulated the Slumdog team, saying: "The winners have done India proud." Indian Parliament also praised the winner artists.

Another documentary “Smile Pinki” directed by American film maker Megan Mylan, is based on a girl Pinki Sonkar from Rampur Dabai village of Mirzapur, India. Pinki was ostracised because of her cleft lip till a social worker, helped her undergo surgery also bagged Oscar for best documentary film.

Three artists from India have been selected for academy award this year. A. R. Rahman for his best music, Gulzar for his original song and Resul Pookutty for sound mixing in the film Slumdog Millionaire.

Pinki Sonkar in her village

Pinki Sonkar in Los Angeles

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