Narendra Modi In Trouble - Gujrat High Court Ruled Out POTA Charges Against Muslim Accused

. 2/13/09

According to Narendra Modi and his terror company, the Godhra train burning carnage was seen as the trigger that led to one of the bloodiest riots in the country (Although the riot was pre-planned by Hindu Facist groups led by Narendra Modi). After a well plotted plan 103 Muslim accused were arrested under POTA, the toughest anti-terror law there was in the country. Under the act, an accused could not get bail or retract his statement.

Seven years later, the Gujarat High Court has withdrawn POTA against the Godhra accused, admitting there is no evidence to suggest this was an act of organised terror.

Now, the accused are charged with murder, rioting and criminal conspiracy under the Indian Penal Code.

Both under POTA and IPC the maximum sentence is death. But POTA gives no bail. So 103 accused have been in jail for 7 years, when they could have been out on bail, like the accused of Gujarat communal riots.

Rohit Verma, counsel for Godhra train carnage accused, says: ''There is no prima facie case to proceed under the provisions of POTA as far as the Godhra train burning incident goes.''

Saeed Omarji, son of accused, says: ''We are pleased with the ruling of the High Court. We now hope to get justice.''

Over the last week, top cops and ministers have come under the scanner for their participation in the Gujarat riots.

Now with the High Court dismissing POTA in the Godhra case, it seems the lapses of 2002 have returned to haunt the Narendra Modi government.

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Anonymous said...

Is there any proof to say that the riot was pre-planned?

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