Online Petition - Voter Should Have The Right To Reject Candidates

. 2/25/09

Dear Friends,

Below is an online petition for right to negative voting or voter should have right to reject candidates, which you can read, think about, and sign if you agree to its intent and purpose.

Let us forward this online petition to as many as we can and build a full-fledged pressure group that spans the entire country to bring this about.


The Chief Election Commissioner of India


It is often said that a nation gets the polity it deserves. It is widely held that the low exercise of franchise at the hustings is an expression of the Indian millieu of its disgust at the quality of Indian polity. Now, let us give our Nation the opportunity of giving to its polity what the Nation believes that the polity deserves.

Like all participatory processes the Theory of Reflexivity is at work here as well. What is alleged as a cause may actually be getting continuously fed by the effects. In any participatory crowd determined process, whether it is markets, religion, social customs or politics there is a feedback loop. In simpler terms this is a chicken and egg situation.

A simple solution exists. The proposal is to include an option in the voting process whereby a voter can vote for the option "None of these Candidates". The cursory recording of the fact that a voter does not wish to cast its vote in register 17-A as per the provisions of the Section 49-O of the Conduct of Election Rules, 1961 may not be enough in the context of the rapid decline in the participation of the electoral process.

Any constituency which witnesses the largest votes cast on the option of None of the available candidates will have to go for a re-poll. All the candidates in that constituency will be debarred from contesting the next repoll. This process will, if not in the first round, if not in the second round, in several rounds finally start ensuring that Political Parties start applying their mind to the needs of the people in specific constituencies rather than focusing their calculations only on the distribution of seats as per political alliances, prospects of vote-banks etc. etc.

The percentage of votes polled in a large number of constituencies is proof that rapidly India is degenerating away from being a functional democracy.

While specific constituencies which have rejected all the available candidates in a particular poll are awaiting to find their representatives until the repoll, any assembly or house can go ahead with establishing tests of majority etc. based on the total number of eligible members of the house being declared as elected till then.

A democratic exercise that allows mediocrity to prevail by forcing its electorate to choose the best available person will gravitate towards mediocrity only. Please think seriously about this simple and easy to implement idea that can forever turn the texture, quality and stature of Indian polity.

Let there be a fair and more comprehensive competition amongst the seekers of political careers in India in ways that are finally, truly and continously dictated by the needs and capabilities of its people.

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