Vaiko-Prabhakaran photos released by Sri Lankan army

. 3/2/09

Sri Lankan army has claimed that it has found photographs and video footage of MDMK leader Vaiko with LTTE chief Prabhakaran from a building earlier occupied by the LTTE militants.

In one photograph Vaiko is seen in LTTE uniform firing pistols with Prabhakaran, in another he is shown delivering lectures to the LTTE cadre and having discussions with Prbahakaran.

These are of course, pictures released by the Sri Lankan army. Its authenticity is yet to be verified. The exact dates of these photographs and where they were taken is not known.

Vaiko has always been a vocal LTTE supporter.

Vaiko with Prabhakaran

Vaiko delivering lecture at LTTE camp

Vaiko delivering lecture at LTTE camp

Vaiko firing a pistol with Prabhakaran (picture on the wall)

Vaiko with Mahaththya (left) a right hand of Prabhakaran

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