Legalization Of Homosexuality - India is Waiting For Doom!

. 7/2/09

Several important principles which most people seem to be unaware of (particularly those who teach in the schools of law and legislators of societies) are: Man has not been given the authority and power to define the nature of crime. That authority is rightfully reserved only by God. Therefore the responsibility of all mankind has is to embrace laws in accord with the Laws of God. The reason God is the rightful One to define the nature of crime is because He is the Creator of all mankind. Therefore it is God who can best define what is evil for man.

“The people of Lut gave the lie to the messengers. When their brother Lut said to them: Will you not guard (against evil)? Surely I am a faithful messenger to you; Therefore guard against (the punishment of) God and obey me: And I do not ask you any reward for it; my reward is only with the Lord of the worlds; What! do you come to the males from among the creatures And leave what your Lord has created for you of your wives? Nay, you are a people exceeding limits. They said: If you desist not, O Lut! you shall surely be of those who are expelled. He said: Surely I am of those who utterly abhor your actions. My Lord! deliver me and my followers from what they do. So We delivered him and his followers all, Except an old woman, among those who remained behind. Then We utterly destroyed the others. And We rained down upon them a rain, and evil was the rain on those warned. Most surely there is a sign in this, but most of them do not believe. And most surely your Lord is the Mighty, the Merciful.” (Quran 26:160–175)

It is the Almighty God, the One to whom all mankind is responsible (Romans 3:19), who has defined homosexuality as a crime (Leviticus 18:22).

Several important principles which most people seem to be unaware of (particularly those who teach in the schools of law and legislators of societies) are: Man has not been given the authority and power to define the nature of crime. That authority is rightfully reserved only by God. Therefore the responsibility of all mankind has is to embrace laws in accord with the Laws of God. The reason God is the rightful One to define the nature of crime is because He is the Creator of all mankind. Therefore it is God who can best define what is evil for man.

Not only has God defined the true nature of crimes, but He has also prescribed what the punishment for them should be. The natures of the divinely prescribed punishments imply how heinous the crimes are. Although a particular crime is a different kind and have different characteristics to other crimes, yet it may be equal or greater in heinousness. Thus God has not prescribed that homosexuals should merely be spoken against, rejected, discriminated against, or banished from the nations, but He requires that they be put to death by every government under which they reside (Leviticus 20:13) and no sorrow should be had for them.

Thus we see that God requires death for homosexuality just as he requires death for murder. This tells us that homosexuality is at least equal to the heinousness of murder. All homosexuals should be regarded by every society to be just as much criminals as are cold-blooded murderers.

Although homosexuality is at least as heinous as the crime of murder, it can be and is often more heinous than murder. When a person commits the crime of murder, he may not murder but one person and may never commit the crime again. Or even if he murders 10 or a 100 people, at some point his murders stop. But homosexuals often remain such their entire lives and they may commit the act hundreds of time. They may also spread the AIDs virus to many innocent people who may die from the AIDs.

The great heinousness of homosexuality does not stop with the nasty acts of gay or homosexual people, but also extends itself in many other ways into the societies. Homosexuals often like to have some kind of contact and influence on children. This is why they hang around Boy's clubs, or become school teachers and why many of them in America work at Walt Disney. Many of them are pedophiles and want to recruit or teach children to accept homosexuality. And since homosexuality is at least equal to murder, this is equivalent to teaching children to become murderers.

The terrible influence of the crime of homosexuality also extends itself in the societies by homosexuals being allowed to function in the societies, by them becoming prominent members of communities, and becoming leaders and serving in various positions of government. In this way, homosexuals seek to remove all rightful stigmatization of homosexuality from the societies by making laws in favor of homosexuality. Again, this is equivalent to murderers going unpunished and being allowed to function in the societies as prominent leaders of the societies and being allowed to serve in government to make laws in favor of murder.

Surely human law is blind!!!

Have you not understood how vile and filthy the act of homosexuality is? Do you not perceive the need for personal hygiene? Wouldn't a hygienically conscious male consider a female to be very filthy if her vagina was filled with excrement and he got it and its stench on himself during the sexual act? That is how filthy the act of homosexuality is, even when it is performed by senators, congressmen, doctors, attorneys, newspaper editors, teachers, celebrities and etc. Homosexuality is an extremely filthy act regardless of who performs it.

Homosexuals also perform oral anal sex. That is even more unclean! By doing so, they ingest human feces. Don't you understand how filthy human feces is? It can carry all kinds of terrible diseases, including typhoid, cholera, amoebic dysentery, the Aids virus, hepatitis A, worms, bacteria and bowel inflictions. Who but nasty totally depraved maggots enjoy having colon or anal sex even when they know they will get feces, its stench and bring its diseases upon themselves!

Not only is the act of homosexuality physically filthy, but it is also morally filthy. So why do you say that anyone who opposes homosexuality speaks filth and you do not regard the act of homosexuality filth? Your sympathy for homosexuality proves you to be a very filthy person.

The terrible immoral and physical uncleanliness of homosexuality makes it the next moral crime to bestiality. If one does not have moral scruples against committing the verminous unnatural act of homosexuality, he or she will not scruple against the filthy and unnatural act of bestiality. This is one of the things that make the act of homosexuality so vile and heinous. When depraved humans get adjusted to practicing and receiving pleasure from a particular level of depravity, they will not remain satisfied with the degree of degraded pleasure they receive in that realm, but will begin to lust for the pleasure that can be derived from the next level. For those who derive sinful pleasure from the act of homosexuality, the next level is bestiality. Now you know the true origin of Aids among mankind. It had its origin from homosexuals who had and continue to have anal, genital and oral sex with animals. Now you understand one reason God forbids fornication. The next time you get ready to have illicit sex of whatever type, you might want to ask: "With whom or with what kind of animal did this person last copulate with?"

Are you a homosexual or gay male who feel you are a female with a male's body? Or are you a homosexual or gay female who feel you are a male with a female's body? Its time you are told the truth about what is happening to you.

The terribly abnormal feelings you have are indisputable indicators that you are morally sick and totally depraved. But please note carefully the following fact: The feelings, thoughts, imaginations and indecent desires you have that are opposite to your physical gender and proper role may also indicate that you are possessed by one or more demons. Think about it: Why are you physically a male who feel you are really a female? Or why are you physically a female but feel you are a male? What would make you feel you are the opposite to your physical gender when you do not willfully or intentionally make yourself feel that way? It is because another being inhabits your body. At some point in the past, one or more demons entered into you and began to inhabit your physical self. As a result, you can clearly see your true physical gender, but the demon(s) are preventing your true self from manifesting itself and are making you feel, speak, have desires and act in ways opposite to your true gender.

You are terribly sick and need help. If you turn to science or to the field of psychiatry or to the so-called experts of the world, they will deceive you and make you feel you are normal. If you turn to the institution falsely called the "church", it will do the same. There is no one who can help you except God Himself.

The total depravity of human nature and demon possession of humans are both the result of mankind having fallen from their original state of righteousness in which God created them.

It is a sin for men to act effeminate, and it is also a death worthy crime in the sight of God for humans to be gay or to commit the abominable act of homosexuality. It is also a sin for women to be masculine, and a death worthy crime for them to commit the act of lesbianism and embrace such a life style. If you are repulsed or nauseated by gay males and females and their unnatural and nasty sexual acts, your repulsion is normal and right in the sight of God Most High - the One who created humankind and who condemns homosexuality.

Do not allow any person, any special interest group or any law to erode your repulsion against homosexuality. And do not allow yourself to be deceived into thinking your feelings are abnormal if you have been tagged as being "homophobic". The people who do not have such repulsion - who tolerate homosexuality and sympathize with it are the ones who are morally and psychologically sick and insane. Same sex attraction is a moral crime and the act of homosexuality is a death worthy crime against God and humankind. If you are repulsed against homosexuality, you are not so because of ignorance and deception or insanity. But you are so because the act is truly evil. The reason you ARE NOT repulsed against opposite sex attraction is because it is right and proper. "Heterosexuality" is not a so-called "sexual orientation". It is the way God create humans to function. God never meant for humans to be attracted to the same sex any more than He meant for them to be attracted to animals. Homosexuality is an abandonment or perversion of the way God originally created mankind. There is not a sane law in the entire universe that will condemn a proper relationship between a man and a woman. Not even sick homosexuals condemn opposite sex attraction. But in every society on earth, there is a natural and right repulsion against homosexuality because it is not right for humankind. If you are not repulsed against homosexuality, something morally is terribly wrong with you - you are a sick individual.

In their effort to justify homosexuality, gay people and their sympathizers make the false claim that a negative attitude against gay people is due to ignorance or religious dogma. In no case where there is a sane intolerance to homosexuality is that so. However, it is a fact that people tolerate and justify homosexuality or sympathize with gay people because of ignorance, deception, denial and depravity. All the nations on earth are really heathen nations that do not embrace Christian principles as their dogma. Nevertheless, a negative attitude against homosexuality is to be found in every nation. This is not due to ignorance or religious dogma, but to common sense. Where ignorance and deception prevails and where love for evil abounds, homosexuality also thrives. Any so-called "education" in favor of homosexuality is none other than deception.

Homosexuals use many methods to deceive the gullible into tolerating homosexuality. One way they do so is to point to same sex attraction among animals. Do not be deceived into thinking that since same sex attraction has been observed among animals that this somehow legitimizes same sex attraction for humans. Some animals are also known to eat carrion, excrement and attack and kill humans. If same sex attraction among them can be rightly used to legitimize same sex attraction among humans, so can all their other unclean and murderous tendencies. Animals are irrational creatures that are not accountable to God. Only totally depraved fools point to the nasty actions of dogs as examples to follow rather than live according to the righteousness of God. Homosexuals prove they have fallen lower than animals by making animals as their mentors and examples to follow. One thing for sure is creatures of instinct demonstrate that they are more righteous than homosexuals, because they do not seek to justify their acts by the nasty acts of homosexuals.

Homosexuality is one of the many manifestations of the total depravity of mankind. It is part of the evidence that demonstrates the sad totally depraved state into which all mankind has fallen. It evidences that the wrath of the Almighty God hangs over the heads of every graceless human.

God has created only two genders among mankind. He has also given each person a unique identity. The fundamental identity of a person goes beyond physical properties and is also spiritual - primarily related to the soul of a person. A mild to drastic physical change will change the physical appearance of a person, but can do nothing to alter his or her true identity as it is rooted to his or her soul. Not even the greatest physical change, which is physical dissolution, can do the same.

Therefore the true identity and gender of a person are immutable. There is nothing whatsoever that can be done to change the two. Once conceived in the womb, a person's identity and gender remains the same forever because his soul lives forever.

Since a person's gender is part of his or her immutable identity, no person's true gender can be changed. And since a person's gender is united to his immutable identity and his identity goes beyond physical properties, then any physical changes he undergoes, be they mild or the most drastic, cannot alter the true gender of the person.

The principle of "physical change" is well known in the field of science. It states that physical change "does not affect the composition (identity) of a substance." When you sharpen a pencil, the pencil undergoes change, but it has the same composition or chemical properties. Even when a substance changes state, such as becoming a gas or liquid, the composition of the substance does not change.

So-called "educated" people are thoroughly familiar with these facts, but it is only when they begin to talk about homosexuality that all common sense is lost and they begin to deceive themselves and the rest of gullible society. Even after a person dies, he is still regarded as "he" and she is still regarded as "she." It is when people start talking about homosexuality do they start foolishly thinking a person's real gender or identity can be changed.

There is an ultimate reason why the genders of humans are immutable. It is because every person must ultimately stand before the judgment seat of God to give account of his deeds in this world. If a person's gender and identification can be changed, he or she would not be the same person on the Day of Judgment and would not receive the proper recompense for his life in this world. A complete change of identity and gender would defeat ultimate justice.

Many infants are born throughout the world community with physical and mental defects. All of the defects are rightly considered to be abnormalities which justify efforts to remove them, to discover their causes, and to prevent further occurrences. You will never hear of a case wherein a government or anyone in the fields of science, medicine, psychiatry, etc. uses any kind of rationalization in effort to justify the abnormalities or to label them as normal conditions on the basis that the people who have them were born that way. Even nonphysical mental retardation, cerebral palsy, seizure disorders, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are all considered abnormalities for which cures are rightly being sought.

However, when it comes to the nonphysical immoral abnormality of homosexuality, a strange, inverted spirit exerts a deceptive influence upon the thinking of people who are ignorant, naive, deceived, and moral criminals. "Born that way" is used to deceptively justify the existence, remove all stigmas, and create tolerance for the horrific crime of homosexuality.

If it is true that homosexuals are born as homosexuals, why is their heteromorphic condition not regarded as a defect in light of the facts that their inverted thoughts, demeanor, unclean desires, and lifestyle are departures from what is right for humans in the senses that they are against nature or contrary to the way God has intended humans to function -- the institution of marriage is corrupted; conjugal relationships are corrupted; the act is unnatural and highly unhygienic; the act has not been designed by God to propagate humanity; the condition is a detriment in every way to the mental, physical, and moral well-being of children and the rest of humankind, etc.?

If it is true that homosexuals are born as homosexuals, and if it is true that homosexuality should not be regarded as a defect, why are people who are born as hermaphrodites rightly regarded as having a birth defect? Homosexuality does far more harm to humanity than what the uncorrected hermaphroditic condition can ever do. The homosexual has a spiritual and moral defect which has no right of existence just as much as the hermaphrodite has a physical defect which needs correcting. If it is true that homosexuals are born as homosexuals, it is the responsibility of government and society to correctly label, legally stigmatize and criminalize it as a terrible moral defect on which government and society should use drastic effort to correct, discover its social causes, and correctly assess its damnable effects on society and humanity. Furthermore, they should make aggressive efforts to punish it to prevent further occurrences.

The truth about homosexuality should be discerned from the fact that the all-wise and all-knowing God -- the One who created humans and therefore knows what's best for them -- has condemned effeminate males (1 Corinthians 6:9-10) and masculine females (Romans 1:26-27). He also has condemned homosexuality as an abomination (Leviticus 18:22) and has prescribed for such a crime the penalty of death by the hands of corporeal government (Leviticus 20:13). The penalty is to be extended to people who merely commit the act, people who sympathize with homosexuals, and people who seek to promote tolerance in society for not only such people but also their criminal condition and life-style. But it should be duly noted that God has not condemned in any way people who are born as hermaphrodites or anyone else who has been or will be born with any other physical or mental birth defect. Those facts suggest that the hermaphroditic condition and the rest are noncriminal defects.

However, homosexuality is a spiritual, moral, and partly mental defect, created in some cases after birth. It takes hold of people through the total depravity of their own being. From within their intrinsic depravity, the learning or creation processes in many cases are induced in them at an early age (which helps create the illusion that these were born that way) by heathen or homosexual parents, heathen or homosexual relatives and friends, and a heathen environment. As it is being created in children, it is tolerated or nurtured by their environment and society, protected by heathen governments, and thereafter maintained by each homosexual through their total depravity, deliberate choice, and blatant defiance of what is right for their gender. Thus, in the end, heathens see the need to seek cures for or prevent the occurrences of physical and mental abnormalities which are noncriminal, but seek to justify and establish moral sicknesses and depravity which are criminal. The former defects do not create an evil society, but the latter creates hell on earth.

If it is true that homosexuals are born as homosexuals, why isn't the inverted condition apparent at birth as indisputable proof that they are born that way? Why can't medical technology of some type be used to reveal that some males and females are gay at birth? No such technology exists because homosexuality is not a physical condition but a spiritual and moral one. Homosexuality is created in people in at least three ways: 1. People are taught or induced in their early years to be gay; 2. people make a conscious choice from the depravity of their own hearts to live such a lifestyle; 3. some homosexuals are possessed by one or more gay demons. Those who become homosexuals through the first two ways are not born as homosexuals and can possibly refuse to practice their inverted desires. But the males and females who become gay as a result of demon possession may get possessed in the womb before their birth. Others people may get possessed at some point after birth. Those who are possessed are compelled to live as homosexuals and can't turn from it. Thus the claim that homosexuals are born that way is indeed true for some of them. But having been born that way or having been possessed by a gay demon in no way legitimizes their condition and their indecent acts.

As stated several times before, homosexuality has no right to existence. In order for it to exist, it has to silence or crush its opposition. The only real opposition it has comes from proper moral laws and the people who hold to them. Thus, homosexuality thrives by suppressing righteousness and the people who rightly oppose homosexuality. It does the former by aggressive and successful efforts to deceive the public against the high criminality of homosexuality in order to create tolerance for it, and by placing themselves in respectable and key positions in order to create laws in favor of it and to get government to protect it. It does the later by incongruently stigmatizing those who rightly oppose it with labels designed to deceptively portray them as having some type of mental defect and as those who express an unjust hatred for homosexuality. The undeserved stigma that is placed upon those who rightly oppose homosexuality turns out to be a great injustice done to them just for heathens to enjoy their nasty compulsion and acts of depravity which in the end has dire effects upon society. Such injustice is allowed and backed by the nearly all so called “progressive governments”.

Aren't you beginning to at least get a glimpse of why God commands governments to put homosexuals to death (Leviticus 20:13)? Or are you still foolishly closing your eyes, ears and hearts to the truth? By having allowed homosexuals to live and function in society, they are proving that homosexuality does indeed do immeasurable and irreparable harm to the proper social order and welfare of humankind. This is clearly seen in their insistence to adopt innocent children and to legalize same sex marriage. The curse of homosexuality is also apparent in many other ways. Because it is such a great curse to humanity, the God who created humans says put homosexuals to death (Leviticus 20:13)! They ought not to be allowed to live!

If any society foolishly allows them to live, they will gradually endeavor to shape society in such a fashion to legitimize their evil and extend to themselves the same rights that society should only extend to worthy citizens. If allowed to live, they will seek to be educated. If allowed to be educated, they will seek employment in key fields of society and positions of public trust so as to enable them to promote their evil and nasty agenda. They will become doctors, psychologists, scientists, senators, congressmen, judges, etc. Once they attain key positions, they will seek to remove all stigma against homosexuality and seek to redefine, reeducate (deceive) and reshape society to accept their depravity. This will bring a greater curse upon any healthy society for generations.

It is clear that homosexuality is not truly a private issue that affects only those willfully involved. But it is an issue that negatively affects the whole of society.

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Very well written article

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there is no god. end of story. a truth irrationals will never figure out

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