Divide And Rule - Commonwealth Games Federation Website Shows Gujrat, Jammu & Kashmir Part of Pakistan

. 1/27/10

A Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) map of the subcontinent that sought to make common ground of areas in Pakistan and India on Tuesday exposed the insensitivity of the Games authorities to potentially explosive issues that have bedevilled relationships between the two countries.

The distorted map on the official website of the London-based CGF, showing parts of Gujarat and Jammu and Kashmir within the territorial bounds of Pakistan, appeared on day when India celebrated the 60th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution.

The blunder came to light in the day, forcing embarrassed CGF officials to correct the map and apologise to the nation for the mistake. “It was a mistake and we apologise for it,” CGF chief executive officer Mike Hooper said.

The map of India on www.thecgf.com showed some areas of Jammu and Kashmir and Gujarat as parts of Pakistan. The corrected version, uploaded within hours of a media storm, shows these areas in Indian territory.

The map on website’s countries page — http://www.thecgf.com/countries — shows northern areas of Jammu and Kashmir — Chilas, Gilgit and Skardu — as part of Pakistan. The Gilgit-Baltistan region is part of a disputed territory between India and Pakistan. Similarly, it shows some parts of western Gujarat's Kutch region as belonging to Pakistan.

Once the mistake came to light, the organisers of the 2010 Commonwealth Games claimed they had brought it to the CGF’s notice. “We have noticed it and told the CGF officials about it. They have promised to revert back to us on the issue,” organising committee secretary Lalit Bhanot said.

The run-up to the Commonwealth Games, scheduled to be held here from October 3 to 14, has already seen a series of controversies with the CGF and the organising committee constantly at loggerheads over the pace of preparations.
Unintentional ‘goof-up’

Hooper said the goof-up was entirely unintentional. “It was not intentional but we have rectified the matter immediately. And we certainly apologise to all concerned,” he said.

“We generally use reliable sources for the territory of the Commonwealth countries but we are going to double check all of those again.”

In a close observation of the controversial map one can also find that CGF showed Bhutan and Maldives as part of Indian territory.

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Shafique Alam said...

The atrocity is every where, Nepal Maoist desecerated our national flag, and commanded Indian companies to leave Nepal. The Indian government becoming impotent. They Only torturing innocent Muslim youth in the name of terrorism. Our leaders are only interested in making money they all indulged in deep corruption. Our leaders are only thinking about their own high class security system and left exposed to we all Indians in grave danger. The racists did it again, they wanted India to be divided in pieces. We must have to united against them and also agianst our corrupt Netas.

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