Fox History Channel - The Cult of Suicide Bomber Series Plagiarizing History

. 1/30/10

Fox History Channel is running a documentary titled The Cult of Suicide Bombers. The series is directed by David Betty and Kevin Toolis, This documentry was filmed in 2005. The narrator and interviewer of the program is Robert Baer, a former CIA Agent.

The entire program is based on suicide bombing incidents conducted by a group of Muslim suicide bombers. The program is trying to show that the suicide bombing is invented by Muslims, Palestinians, and particularly Iranians. This program is providing false information in disguise of a well researched documentary.

They narrated a suicide act of a teenage Iranian boy during the war between Iraq and Iran in 1980's and the narrator told it was the first suicide bombing incident in the history. The boy was carrying a grenade thrown himself on an Iraqi tank, killed himself and all the occupant of the tank. The same act was done by an Indian Army Hawildar, Abdul Hamid during Indo-China War in 1965; posthumously he received the highest military decoration of India, Param Veer Chakra for this act of ‘Suicide Bombing’. But this incident was described by Indian Government as an exceptional form of courage and bravery shown in the battle field.

The program is hiding the facts. Incidents of suicide attacks are far older than a 20th century or 19th century invention. Group of Assassins or Hashshashin led by Hassan Bin Sabah of an old Jewish Sect, in 11th century was notoriously famous in history. The acts of Scariis, Zealots, Illuminatis, Templar Knights and many other secret societies are very famous for suicide attacks.

In the 20th century, suicide bombing was pioneered by the Dutch, Russians and perfected by the Japanese Kamikaze wing during WW2, Khmer Rouge in Vietnam war against USA and LTTE during modern days. Chechens and Palestinians recently started this form of attack to take revenge of atrocities and targeted killings of Israel and Russia. In the western world, Basque in Spain and Irish Republican Army (IRA) in Britain are also involved in suicide attacks. This is contradicting the statement made by the presentor that the suicide bombing is alien to western world.

By looking in depth, the program is only plagiarizing history and the sole purpose of this program is demonizing Islam and its followers as psychopathic brutes.

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Anonymous said...

Fantabulous view!!!!!...many more similar documentary have been seen in past on Fox history or Discovery...looks like a planned design...

Anonymous said...

Some info are wrong here, like in 1965 India and Pakistan indulged in War not India and China.
Also Abdul Hamid died in tank battle at Khem Kharan (Patton Nagar), which saw the largest tank battle after WW2. He died in action after knocking out 6 tanks before being attacked by another enemy tank which killed him.
He was injured after knocking down 4 tanks but he kept fighting till his last breathe, knocking 2 more tanks. He was awarded for examplary actions shown towards his duty.

Also suicide bombing was not the first thing happened during Iran_Iraq war. During WW2 Japanese Imperial army units and many INA units of India where also using this tactics to fight againts Americans and Britons.

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