Why Did World Forget Satyendra Nath Bose?

. 7/5/12

As Cern scientists celebrating for finding the Higgs boson, an Indian scientist after whom this particle is named, remains in virtual oblivion.

Media reports are replete with references to Peter Higgs, the British physicist who predicted the existence of such a particle in the early 1960s. But, that a boson - one of the two fundamental classes of subatomic particles - is named after Satyendra Nath Bose who preceded Higgs seems to have got buried deeper than the 27km tunnel under the Franco-Swiss border that hosts science's biggest hunt ever.

S. N. Bose’s work on particle statistics (c. 1922), which clarified the behaviour of photons (the particles of light in an enclosure) and opened the door to new ideas on statistics of Microsystems that obey the rules of quantum theory, was one of the top ten achievements of 20th century science and could be considered in the Nobel Prize class, which he never got.

Although more than one Nobel Prize was awarded for research related to the concepts of the boson, Bose–Einstein statistics and Bose - Einstein condensate - the latest being the 2001 Nobel Prize in Physics, which was given for advancing the theory of Bose–Einstein condensates - Bose himself was not awarded the Nobel Prize.

But his work on quantum mechanics was so substantial that they named one of the subatomic particles after him.

However, when science's biggest find came, Bose was missing from the limelight, even in India.

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